Yeswelder FIRSTESS MP200 Review – A Complete Guide

The Yeswelder Firstess MP200 multi-process welder from YesWelder is the first to integrate the most common welding processes with a plasma cutter.

As a hobbyist-grade welder, it will make a splash in the DIY and entry-level welder. It’s reasonably priced and includes everything a beginner needs.

Its crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. YesWelder has spent the last 15 years developing affordable welding equipment, and the MP200 may be their best yet.

However, the MP200 does have some limitations and disadvantages. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this multiple-process unit and explain which users it is best suited to.

The FIRSTESS MP200 Complete Overview

The Firstess MP200 is a five-in-one multi-process welder capable of MIG, fluxed-core, DC TIG, Stick, and plasma cutting. It is intended for beginners, do-it-yourselfers, casual welding enthusiasts, and light welding shop use.

The machine features an elegant, large, and sharp TFT display. Together with the eye-catching red casing, the screen gives the impression that it is significantly more expensive than it is. It exudes a sense of luxury.

The welder comes equipped with everything necessary to utilize all of its procedures. It is an instant benefit, as most “multi” machines can do only one or two tasks out of the box.

Additionally, it is lightweight, sturdy, accepts dual voltage input, and packs a punch under the hood. Thus, let us analyze the specifics of this intriguing service from Yeswelder.

What’s Included



  • YW-L150-10E 200A MIG Torch, 10 ft.
  • Electrode HoldeSynergic Controlled on MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • Gas MIG/Gasless MIG/Lift TIG/Stick/CUT 5 in 1
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035″) MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035″) MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)
  • Apply to D100/D200 rolls (<10lbs) of MIG wire
  • Ideal for 7018/6011/6010 electrode 
  • Smart Memory & System Resetr & Cable 10 ft.
  • Earth Clamp & Cable 10 ft.
  • Gas Hose, 8 ft., 5/8′′-18 RH
  • PT31 Cutting Torch, 13 ft.
  • TIG Torch WP-17V 13 ft.
  • Additional.030″ and.035″ contact tips
  • Cord length: 7 ft.
  • 220V to 110V Power Adapter, 0.9 ft.
  • Combination brush/chipping hammer
  • Air Hose, 8 ft.
  • A separator of oil and water for plasma processing
  • W-Groove Roller.030″ &.035″ (Flux Core Wire)
  • V-Groove Roller.030″ &.035″ (Solid Wire)

The package is enormous. To be honest, when I originally heard about it, I wasn’t expecting them to include everything. I anticipated them to follow suit and save expenses by excluding items like a TIG torch, W-groove roller, air/gas hoses, and a plasma cutter air filter.

However, the gas regulator for the MIG was omitted. Purchasing or renting a regulator is not a big deal, but a beginner may overlook it.

Yeswelder FIRSTESS MP200 Review



  • The most versatile multi-process welder available today
  • Excellent performance when cutting with MIG, fluxed-core, and plasma.
  • The 7018 electrodes are handled well.
  • Easily accommodates 6010 electrodes
  • Dual-fan design for heat dissipation
  • A steady arc suitable for the majority of applications
  • Two-voltage inputs
  • Possibility of storing up to ten welding parameters for each procedure
  • Simple to assemble and get to work
  • Controls both automatic and manual
  • Small in size and light in weight
  • Increased duty cycle
  • Numerous welding and cutting capabilities
  • Superior build and finish
  • Drive mechanism constructed entirely of metal
  • Advanced options enable you to fine-tune your welding/cutting experience.
  • A stunning, precise show
  • Numerous control knobs
  • Excellent TIG and stick performance for the price
  • Everything is contained within the packaging.
  • There will be no AC TIG, no HF start, and just lift TIG.
  • If you attempt to arc the 6010 electrodes for an extended period, the arc frequently fails to ignite.
  • At 110 volts, the plasma cutter does not perform as well as at 220 volts.
  • At times, arc noise can become inconsistent.
  • Manual adjustment of the wire feed speed is not possible.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing A FIRSTESS MP200

While this machine has some shortcomings, in my opinion, the MP200 is an unequivocal winner in terms of quality/price.


However, a favorable ratio between the two is irrelevant if you require a feature that this machine lacks or if any of its limits impede your work.

Therefore, let us discuss the MP200’s disadvantages in detail.

Aluminum’s Inability To Weld

The MP200 does not support aluminum. It is not capable of MIG welding with a spool gun and does not support AC TIG welding.

Many people desired that this welder include AC TIG capability. Regrettably, that is unattainable at this price point.

However, I wish YesWelder had made it spool gun compatible or that the MIG lead’s liner had been designed to work with aluminium. Exactly as they did with the MIG PRO 250A, which is capable of welding aluminium natively.

Thus, if you’re considering an aluminium welder, the MP200 is a no-go. There is no way to work with metal in this manner.

Not To Be Used Professionally

Much fanfare has been generated around this gadget and with reason. It’s quite the beast among do-it-yourself home hobbyist welders. However, some individuals are overexcited.

Purchase this machine only if you intend to use it daily. The MP200 is not designed for industrial use, and you’re likely to find yourself in a position where you require a capability that the MP200 lacks.

It’s unjust to expect this welder to perform well under heavy-duty conditions and then be disappointed. It was not developed for that purpose and did not perform well as the threefold more expensive ESAB 205. It is not a con in the conventional sense. It’s simply me assisting you in setting reasonable expectations.

No Track Record

It is the industry’s first machine of its kind. YesWelder did something incredible by developing a cheap multi-process welder with a plasma cutter.

However, as with any new model, it may require some polishing to shine as brightly as its welding arc. I am confident that if any concerns arise, YesWelder will address them in subsequent editions.

We haven’t encountered a 5-in-1 welder before and thus are unaware of any long-term concerns that customers may have. Ultimately, only time will tell.

For instance, installing a plasma cutter increases the amount of time the unit spends running compared to customers who use a separate plasma cutter. In the long run, this results in increased time under stress compared to rival machines on the market.

At Times, the Stick Arc Struggles

With 6010 electrodes, every inverter-based welder will suffer. However, at this price point, it handles the 6010 fairly nicely.


However, if you’re always performing 6010s to close open root welds, you should probably seek elsewhere. I’m not certain that the MP200 is up to the task of pipe welding, for example.

The arc is rather good for stick welding. However, the start may become frigid at times, and if you attempt to long arc it too soon, the arc will terminate. As a result, you’ll need to warm up the arc first before removing the electrode from the puddle and elongating the arc.

If you utilize Miller’s professional-grade welders, for example, the arc will be hot quickly, indicating a difference. Nonetheless, the MP200 performs admirably at this price point.

Minor Issues with the Quality

I shall speak positively about the construction quality later in the post. However, I can point out some minor quality flaws that I discovered.

The clear control panel cover can be readily removed. If you’re not cautious, you risk losing or breaking it. And, given that it is intended to protect your screen, you should exercise caution when using it.

The second issue I observe is that the lead on the TIG torch is three feet longer than the lead on the MIG torch. It is counterintuitive, as the MIG process generates more sparks, and you should keep your machine as far away from them as possible. While the ten ft. lead length on the MIG is plenty for amateurs, I wish they reversed the lead lengths on these two.

In One Basket, All Your Eggs

If you are a newbie, you should be aware that purchasing a multi-process welder may leave the entire welding operation inoperable if a single component within the machine breaks.

While YesWelder is a dependable machine, any machine is susceptible to failure. If this occurs at the most inconvenient time, you will be unable to work.

On the other hand, if you acquire many single-process computers and one of them fails, you can continue working. For instance, if your MIG machine fails, you can still do some stick welding if your stick welding machine works.

Outstanding Features That Contribute to the Model’s Greatness

Now that we’ve discussed the MP200’s limitations let’s discuss its strengths.

Allow me to begin by stating that YesWelder eliminates the middlemen. They are the ones who design, build, and sell the machines. It is one of the reasons their welding equipment is so well-made and so much less expensive than their competitors.

This is critical to remember. Otherwise, many people would believe it’s a hoax. It is as good as it sounds, but you must remember that their equipment is mostly aimed at do-it-yourself hobbyists and welding novices.



The MP200’s five welding processes can be configured in various complex ways.

You can manually adjust the type of gas used for MIG, the type of wire, the 2T or 4T mode, burn back, and voltage.

The machine determines the amp output by determining the material thickness. Alternatively, you can modify it manually.

Plasma cutting enables you to customize the pre-and post-flow air times. While the stick mode allows you to customize the electrode type and size, the TIG mode is limited in terms of parameters.

Modifying the parameters is simple. The two infinitely adjustable front knobs can be clicked or rotated in any direction. Everything occurs on an easy display, resulting in less than 30 second pre-welding preparation times.

Additionally, you can store up to ten unique presets for each welding procedure. This way, you may greatly reduce the time required for machine adjustment when repeating a weld frequently and requiring consistent results.

Superior Display


To be honest, this is the best screen in this price range that I’ve seen. Screens of this caliber with adjustment menus are typically found on machines costing twice as much.

Upon startup, the screen displays a lovely YesWelder animation. It feels upscale; you can bet that if you ask your friends to guess, they’ll say it’s double the price.

The pixel density is sufficient to make even the tiniest lettering legible and attractive. At this pricing point, many welders do not even have displays, even if they are built for professional work.

In terms of screen quality, the MP200 is easily comparable to the Miller Multimatic 220 multiprocess welder. They both look and perform admirably. However, this MP200 features a larger display.

Arc’s Qualities


Apart from the concerns I mentioned previously with the 6010s, the MP200 has a lovely arc. If I were to rank its processes according to the quality of their arcs, I’d say plasma cutter, MIG, TIG, and stick.

This unit includes an outstanding plasma cutter. Numerous plasma cutters on the market will not cut as quickly or as cleanly as this one. Numerous users of these beta devices expressed their admiration for the plasma cutter’s capabilities.

MIG is a hygienic process that produces a wonderful sound. Additionally, the arc acts properly, which is more than enough for a beginning.

TIG arc is silent, steady, hygienic, and gleaming. As a result, it is an excellent tool for learning the TIG process.

However, the inability to start at a low amp may distort and discolor thin metal, resulting in a lower-quality TIG weld. Therefore, do not expect ridiculously good results with TIG unless you also have HF, AC, balance control, squarewave, and low amp start capabilities.

With 7018s, a normal starting rod, the stick arc quality is superb. The 6011 will perform admirably, however, the 6010s will struggle with open root welding. However, I wish the stick welding mode produced more heat when hitting an arc.

YesWelder should consider increasing the open-circuit voltage (“OCV”) on this unit in order to increase the electrical push between the stick and the metal piece. However, I understand that this may cause interference with other welding processes.

IGBT inverter electrical schematics are complicated, and I can’t imagine the amount of work required to put everything together with a plasma cutter included. However, if they can raise the OCV for stick-only welding, the stick welding arc start will be superior.

Construct Superiority

The YesWelder MP200 has a superb build quality for a tool in this price range. The polymers are not brittle, as is the case with most machines sold at cheaper pricing. The metal housing appears to be sturdy, and they did not skimp on the paint job.

While the two knobs on the front are well-made, the button in the center appears to be an afterthought.

However, the lead connectors are quite nicely constructed. They appear to be sturdy and well-cut, and you should have no difficulty putting the leads into their sockets.

Additionally, the heat dissipation system is well-designed. This machine features a dual-fan system for heat dissipation and cooling. That is highly unlikely to be found in this price range. Typically, welding machines fail due to heat-related deterioration. Thus, a well-designed cooling system contributes significantly to the longevity of your welder.

I can state that the MIG, TIG, plasma torches, and stick electrode holders are all priced reasonably. Nor a penny more, not a penny less.

Therefore, while you will receive value for money, do not anticipate obtaining torches designated for a greater price point. I feel compelled to mention this because the machine’s quality is exceptional for a low price, and I don’t want you to get the same impression about the torches.

Alternatives to Multi-Processing

While there are no multi-process welders that incorporate all four primary welding processes with a plasma cutter, there are alternatives if cutting is not required.

I’d like to introduce you to the Weldpro 200 and the Eastwood Elite MP200i, both of which are in a comparable pricing bracket.

The Weldpro 200 features spool gun compatibility, allowing you to weld aluminium with it. While it has a lower duty cycle, it does include several functions not found on the MP200, such as MIG inductance control. This convenient feature allows you to adjust the welding bead height and spatter amount.

The Eastwood Elite MP200i is slightly heavier than the YesWelder MP200 and features a shorter duty cycle and two simple digital screens. On the other hand, Eastwood has a higher build quality (including the torches), is capable of welding thicker material, accommodates a spool gun, includes a built-in spot welder, and comes with a three-year warranty.

The Eastwood Elite MP200i may be the best alternative if you do not require a plasma cutter. It is a superb welder; however, it lacks the revolutionary features of the Firstess MP200.


The FirstessMP200 is designed for novices and enthusiasts. It’s a cutting-edge machine that offers the world’s first 5-in-1 experience. You’ll find nearly everything a typical home garage needs for cutting and welding.

On the other hand, if you require a more powerful machine, the Eastwood MP200i is a better alternative. However, after you tire of cutting with Oxy, you’ll need to get a second plasma cutter.

YesWelder did an amazing job with the Firstess MP200. They established a strong position as inventors in the do-it-yourself welder market. Unsurprisingly, their Kickstarter effort was such a success. This machine, I am positive, will be their next bestseller.

Please leave any further reviews for the MP200 in the comments section below if you have any further reviews.

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