What Kind of MIG Welding Jobs Are Available In 2021?

There are several career options available, and many individuals ask if welding is a viable career choice. MIG welding job is a difficult profession that takes expertise and patience and is not for the faint of heart. However, there are several advantages to welding and a slew of accessible perks that make welding a favoured choice for many above other crafts.

So, is welding a viable career path? Welding is a beautiful vocation, and welders frequently extol the virtues of their trade and the numerous advantages they get. In general, if you can tolerate harsh circumstances, long hours, and exposure to smoke and fire daily, a welding profession may be gratifying. Numerous welders take pride in their profession and everything they entail, and you may be one of them.

Those who chose welding as a profession are drawn the labour by the labour, which many like, and the cash often generates high salaries. Full-time welders earn a good wage and are in high demand, and many employers offer perks such as health insurance and dental care.

If you’re unsure if a career in welding is right for you, chat with welders or people who work in businesses that support and recruit welders to learn more about the industry. Additionally, you can contact welding professors or guidance counsellors at community colleges that provide welding education and speak with them on the phone or one-on-one to gain a deeper understanding of the welding vocation.

Types of Welding

Not everyone is a skilled welder. It’s a difficult profession that demands skill, patience, and an eye for detail. Numerous training and apprenticeship programs are available to assist individuals in developing the methods and abilities necessary to succeed as a welder. You can achieve the necessary abilities via practice.

No industry can function without the buildings and equipment produced by industrial fabrication, which cannot exist without welding. Because welding is used in nearly every industry today, each welder job demands a unique skill set. Certain welding professions may need you to travel between locations, while others may not. There are various job possibilities available in welding.

The following are the several sorts of welder jobs for your information:

1.      Manufacturing Welding

Welding is a critical procedure in the building business, whether it be residential or commercial construction. Metal is used to create buildings, bridges, and civil engineering projects. Construction welders incur considerable danger since their profession demands them to work outside, hundreds of feet above the earth. Construction welders earn among the highest wages in the construction sector.

You could believe that construction welders’ jobs are the same in all types of construction (residential and commercial). There is, however, a substantial distinction between the two.

Welders in residential construction are adept at completing minor jobs such as connecting gas or water lines. They have extensive experience dealing with plumbing difficulties in home construction. On the other hand, a commercial construction welder is highly qualified to perform more complicated and demanding projects.

They are required in regions with a high concentration of metal components that must be welded. They work on technologically advanced commercial buildings that require elaborate plumbing designs, complicated HVAC systems, and more electrical conduits.

The abilities required of a construction welder vary according to the nature of the job. In any event, the construction welder position is one of the most critical sorts of welder positions.

2.      Construction Welding

Any company that manufactures metal products and equipment needs competent manufacturing welders. Manufacturing is not confined to the automobile sector but encompasses every business that utilizes metal in its products. Production welders are required in various sectors, including structural and agricultural metals manufacturing, mining, and, of course, motor vehicle manufacturing.

Manufacturing welders are responsible for joining metal components of various sorts and sizes to repair or manufacture new products.

The quality of metal goods and equipment is directly related to how effectively each component is fused, so the manufacturing welder’s job is critical in the manufacturing sector.

3.      Welders of Structural Steel

Welders of structural steel are more generally referred to as ironworkers. They are the specialists responsible for the erection of steel structures and frameworks. A structural steel welder is involved in the fabrication and construction of small and big structures’ structural frameworks. They work for various sectors, including construction, mining, shipbuilding, aerospace, and oil and gas.

A structural steel welder’s profession is very risky. They frequently operate at high elevations, where the wind can blow the hanging beam, resulting in catastrophic injury to the welder.

4.      Sheet Metal Fabricators

At construction sites, sheet metal workers install the prepared goods. If the product comprises individual components, the sheet metal workers assemble and connect them using welding.

The majority of sheet metal workers are maintenance specialists. The most prevalent areas where a sheet metal worker is required are air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system maintenance and roofing repair.

Their employment is physically demanding since they are frequently required to operate in enclosed quarters and areas with extremely high temperatures and humidity levels.

Boilermakers are frequently required to go to the job site and are commonly required to live away from home for extended periods. To operate as a professional boilermaker, one must be skilled and experienced in welding, as boilers are frequently constructed of iron, copper, steel, or stainless steel.

This position requires the ability to interpret designs, cast metal plates and bend them into the desired shapes, and individual solder pieces of metal together. Additionally, these welders are responsible for testing and maintaining the constructed boilers. Additionally, they are involved in updating boilers to meet industry requirements, therefore increasing their efficiency.

Most frequently, boilermakers require in refineries and natural resource firms. The disadvantage is that their career opportunities are confined to these industries. They may, however, be necessary for any business that necessitates the use of boilers and big storage containers.

Apart from boiler and storage vessel repair and maintenance, boilermakers also repair and manufacture air pollution control equipment, water treatment facilities, blast furnaces, process and storage tanks, and smokestacks.

6.      Industrial Upkeep Welders

Industries make extensive use of heavy-duty gear and equipment. As a result, many pieces of equipment are subjected to substantial wear and strain, making them susceptible to damage. Industrial maintenance welders are responsible for inspecting and maintaining machinery and equipment in various sectors to ensure they do not require emergency repair.

An industrial maintenance welder is competent in welding and can repair, modify, and fabricate structures and equipment.

If the equipment fails, it may take hours to repair, which can significantly impact production. As a result, it is critical to have industrial maintenance welders on board who can conduct periodic inspections and assure prompt repair.

7.      Welders for Industrial Shutdown

As previously said, the equipment utilized in many industries is subjected to significant friction and stress, resulting in wear and tear. It needs routine maintenance. However, there are occasions when the equipment must be fully shut down to allow for maintenance. This type of operation is referred to as shutdown maintenance, and the welders that perform it are referred to as industrial shutdown welders.

Industrial shutdown welders are often in-house and are not outsourced for every episode of shutdown maintenance. These welders work on the plant while it is not functioning or shut down. The plants’ welds are examined for any cracks or leaks. Shutdown maintenance might take weeks or months, depending on the facility’s scale being inspected and the scope of the necessary repairs.

8.      Welders for Rigs

Oil and gas rigging is one of the largest sectors in which welders are required. Welders are critical for on-land rigs as well as offshore sites.

Rig welders are responsible for constructing the complete on-land rig station, including the artificial steel island.

Moreover, they may required not just during the rig’s initial installation but also for routine repair and maintenance.

They must be ready at all times to respond to emergency repair requests. As a result, rig welders are often based on-site.

They assist with repair and maintenance and weld collars and pipelines, and handle any other tasks that require their welding ability.

9.      Pipe Fitter

Pipefitters are highly sought-after skilled welders. Pipelines are used by businesses such as natural gas, oil and gas, power, and water utilities to carry their goods throughout the country and worldwide. Pipefitters are the welders who specialize in this field.

A pipefitter’s job is sometimes mistaken with that of a plumber. However, these two occupations are extremely unlike. A pipefitter’s profession requires welding, something a typical plumber is not equipped to do.

Pipefitters are responsible for bending metals into various dimensions and conforming them to the standards of structures required for specific industrial applications. They are involved throughout the process, from planning to implementation.

Typically, a pipefitter begins by creating a plan for the pipe installation. Additionally, they identify the kind and size of the pipe to be manufactured and the equipment and materials required to complete the task correctly.

After the pipes are made, the pipefitter transports them to the location where they are required and ensures that they are correctly installed. After the pipefitter completes the installation, they conduct a series of tests before certifying the pipeline ready for use.

The pipefitter’s task does not finish here. They must examine the pipeline regularly for leaks and other potential damage to verify that the system is operating correctly.

10.  Welders for Motorsports

Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? Motorsports, such as NASCAR, are all about automobiles and action. However, the team is made up of more than simply the car and driver; each team that competes in these sports is made up of various experts, with welders being one of the most essential.

From the racecar construction to its maintenance and repair following a race, motorsports welders are always on the move. The automobiles used in racing are much different from the ones you see on the street. They are specialized vehicles that have been engineered to endure tremendous stresses and tension while delivering the most significant levels of performance.

Motorsports welders must remain current on the materials utilized. Metals with new and unusual properties are continuously being introduced. Additionally, specific laws and regulations govern the sorts of metals that must be used and how they must be welded. It implies that motorsports welders must remain current on all new advancements.

The Advantages of a Welding Career

As a welder, you get a respected standing among craftsmen and women. Anyone may become a welder if they put in the effort and are qualified for the job. Welders earn more significant than average wages compared to other trades, and individuals who pursue careers as welders benefit from solid demand for their skills and increased compensation as they develop skills and experience.

As a welder, you may receive excellent compensation packages that include comprehensive medical, dental, and retirement benefits, as well as life insurance choices. Numerous sectors want welders, and if you are a dependable and talented worker who meets the standards and demands of companies, you will never be out of employment.

Additionally, the following benefits demonstrate why a career in welding is highly advantageous:

No college degree is necessary.

Because welding does not need a college degree, it is a readily accessible field. You may earn a good living by making a welding diploma in as little as nine months.

Your success is contingent upon your skillset. The majority of welding positions need candidates to pass a hands-on test.

Explicit Scope

Welding may expose you to a variety of industries. It provides a broader range of options than any other skill or trade. It is because welding jobs are accessible in every sector. Almost no industry on the planet does not require welders.

You may enhance your welding profession with extra training. The following are a few examples of the various industries that demand welders:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Robotics
  • Maintenance
  • Fabrication
  • installation, and improvements

Opportunities for Travel

Welding is required on every surface, from the ocean floor to outer space. As a welder, you may take advantage of excellent travel options. Welders who travel to several job locations are referred to as “Road Warriors.” This job contributes much more than a career. It is a philosophy of life.

As part of their employment, these experts frequently travel to remote places. They get to see fascinating locations, dine out, and meet new people. And they are highly compensated.

Maintenance and shutdown of industrial facilities

Welders who do maintenance and shutdown work in the sector must travel extensively because to the remote locations of industrial facilities, factories, and industries.

Industrial shutdowns often last between a few days and many weeks. They need the expertise of technicians, engineers, and welders. For such tasks, the majority of welders travel within a 1000-mile radius of their homes. Welders can spend six months of the year working and touring, while the other months are taken off. As a result, the welding profession provides an excellent mix of work and relaxation.

Ship Construction and Repair

The shipbuilding industry is so reliant on welders that entire villages have been devoted to these specialists. Shipyards must engage several welders as independent contractors to complete large projects. Additionally, shipyards provide ample training and apprenticeship possibilities for fitters and welders.

You may be required to work on various boats at shipyards, ranging from small research vessels to substantial aircraft carriers and supertankers. Depending on the project’s scope, the duration of the work might vary from a few weeks to years. Welders may be required to travel to essential ports worldwide to work on such projects. The allure of the shipbuilding business is that you never know where your next assignment will take you. You may be in Japan one month and in the United States the next.

Military Assistance

Military activities will always require the assistance of experienced specialists and expert welders. Typically, military welding work is performed by contracting businesses specializing in military gear and infrastructure maintenance. Outfitting vehicles, repairing tanks, and installing pipelines are all examples of jobs.

Military welders may be stationed close to home. They may even work in remote military sites such as Guam, Diego Garcia, and Afghanistan. Welders face risk in warzones. However, the danger is offset by the highly lucrative compensation.

Maintenance of Cruise Liner Ships on-Board

When working aboard a luxury ocean liner, life may be an incredible voyage. It would help if you remained on board the ship for emergency repairs and routine maintenance in this position. Welders are continuously needed to repair pipelines, engine rooms, and other vessel systems. You will also have the opportunity to tour the world as the ship goes to unique locations. Every few months or weeks, you can go to different nations. These welding specialists make a good living and receive several perks. These advantages include chef-prepared meals, luxurious lodging, and other luxuries that most people can only dream of. What was once a once-in-a-lifetime chance may become a daily occurrence for you.

Pipeline Maintenance and Repair

Wherever new pipeline networks are being built, welders are necessary. They also come for maintenance and emergency repairs on existing pipeline infrastructure.

You may be required to go to remote mineral-rich regions such as Alaska or Canada. Welders for pipelines can go as far as the project requires. If you’re fortunate, your employer may even arrange for vacations and holidays to and from your nation.


On television, the majority of us have seen NASCAR and other racing events. However, few people are aware that racing teams and pit workers travel with welders. Welding is a critical component in motorsports, as numerous metal components and panels are frequently customs built. The majority of racing teams construct their vehicles totally from scratch. Welding requires for the manufacture and installation of such large-scale structures.

As a result, welding specialists may accompany their racing teams wherever they go. It’s a fantastic opportunity to become involved in a sport that a large number of people enjoy. You might find fulfillment in preparing your fantasy squad for victory. Consider the pride and appreciation you will get as a result of your efforts on the winning automobile.

Welding Underwater

You may work anywhere in this profession, straight down to the bottom of the world’s seas. You may visit locations and descend to depths that only a select few individuals have the opportunity to witness.

As you would imagine, underwater welders can traverse the world and even work in the United States. If you are an excellent diver, an experienced welder, and are willing to travel, your abilities will be in great demand globally. You will also require a vital extra skill: diving. You can obtain diving competency by enrolling in a commercial driving school.

Demand for Welders Is Consistently High

While the demand for most occupations fluctuates significantly, the welding profession is relatively steady. Welders will always be in a great market, as they are necessary for every industry. As a result, people have the option of changing industries without changing jobs. Due to the constant need for welders, they may earn a comfortable living.

Pay Rates in the Six Figures

Welders who work in military support might earn up to $30 per hour. As a result, the highest-paying welding positions may approach six figures per year. It is very likely the highest salary you can make without a college degree.

The highest-paying welding professions require workers to operate in dangerous circumstances and distant areas across the world. Industrial pipe welders, underwater welders, and military support welders are all examples of this. Military welders can earn far more than $100,000 for their service in the Middle East.

Salary ranges for welders are pretty comprehensive. It is entirely dependent on your skillset and desire to travel. Local welding jobs often pay less than ones overseas since they need less competence. On the other hand, foreign pipe welding jobs might pay well.

The Best Green Collar Career Option

The energy business is undergoing a shift to green-collar occupations. Alternative energy sources are in high demand. However, there is no single alternative energy source that can meet all of our needs. The Union of Concerned Scientists asserts that a broad array of alternative energy sources is required to meet demand. No single source will suffice.

You can improve the balance of advantages and drawbacks by utilizing several sources of alternative sources.

However, regardless of the energy source utilized, one thing is guaranteed. Welding will always win out over other technologies. If you wish to work in the energy sector, welding is the most environmentally friendly and safest green-collar employment option. Wherever metal is used, welders are required. As a result, it is irrelevant which energy technologies emerge as leaders.

Excellent Prospects for the Future

Welders have always been critical to the industrial sector. Nothing will change in the future. It makes no difference how significant the economy is doing. Even in a recession, welding employment will drop at a considerably slower rate than other occupations. Without welding, no industry can thrive. If certain businesses see a decline during a recession, you might shift your focus to other solid ones. You may shift sectors without undergoing an expensive and time-consuming professional transition.

What Is It Like To Work In Welding?

Welding is the process of joining metal components together using a metal rod and welding equipment such as an arc welder or MIG/TIG welder. Electrical current is sent through the rod by welding apparatus, and the rod When applied to the margins of the metal having sewn, the rod melts.

The welder manipulates this molten metal to form “beads,” tiny rivers of molten metal. This molten metal creates a gap between the metal components and connects or “welds” them together these welds are strong and meant to allow the metal to function as a single component.

Welders must safeguard themselves while working their welding equipment using protective clothing and equipment, such as welding masks. Never look at the light generated by welding with your naked eye since this can cause vision issues and excruciating pain in your eyes, which will run red for days.

You will get skills in the required safety measures for operating welding equipment and working environments on various job sites throughout your training.

Welding is performed under any weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold, with or without air conditioning. Because welding generates a great deal of heat and smoke, you should be prepared to work in difficult circumstances if you choose a career in welding.

Individuals with specific medical problems that preclude them from working in these settings should avoid the occupation, as these situations are frequently unavoidable.

Is Welding a Pleasure?

Welding is a demanding job demanding the welder to be in the excellent physical condition and put their endurance to the test. However, many appreciate the profession because they enjoy working with their hands and forming metal into valuable shapes for various purposes. If you understand metal and machinery, working as a welder is a job that most people who enjoy that profession will enjoy.

Welders can enjoy a variety of welding professions, including welding vehicles, airplanes, and even spaceships. Additionally, underwater welding jobs demand welders to weld underwater on oil rigs worldwide using specialized equipment. It implies that welders will need to travel extensively, and the remuneration for these tasks is frequently more than $100 per hour.

How to Begin a Career in Welding

Many welders obtain their certification through welding programs provided at trade schools or community colleges. Additionally, there are welding schools that offer room and board and tuition aid to individuals who qualify. Community colleges also provide financial help, and eligible students may participate in work co-op programs that provide on-the-job training and internships.

If you’re interested in pursuing a welding profession, call the trade schools, community colleges, or welding schools you’re considering and inquire about their various programs. You need to understand the entrance standards, the financial help available, and how you will pay for necessities such as food, clothes, and accommodation while attending school.

Which Industries Employ Welders?

Welders are employed in a vast number of sectors in a variety of capacities. Among these are the automobile sector, architectural and building firms, manufacturers of structural metals, and mining. Agriculture manufacture is one of the big industries, as is automobile manufacturing. Shipbuilding firms frequently employ welders and the aerospace sector.

Numerous other sectors use welders, and you may even work as a freelance welder. Additionally, you may start your welding shop and provide welding services to companies, the general public, and others from a mobile or brick and mortar facility.


There are many unique jobs to go into, and welding is just one of them. However, if you want a career with endless opportunities that’s satisfying and exciting while having a significant effect on your community, welding is a brilliant choice.

If you’re thinking about welding as a career, think about getting your own welder, to get a feel for whether it’s what you’d love to get paid for. There are some great options you can get started on in our Best MIG Welders in 2021article.

Send any questions or comments below about why you think welding is or isn’t a good career choice. It would be great to hear from you.

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