The Latest YESWELDER MIG 250 Review [2022]

When it comes to purchasing a new welder, modern welders have many options. Naturally, people acquire the equipment that is most suited to their demands. Which welding devices, then, grab the attention of a thrifty customer when they require increased power to work with thicker stock? The Yeswelder MIG 250 Pro multi-process welder springs to mind.

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It generates 250A of electricity and operates at a 60% duty cycle. Additionally, it is capable of MIG, lift TIG, stick, and flux core welding.

That is an excellent start, but the price also catches your eye. It is less expensive than almost any other similar welder on the market.

Is it thus worth considering?

Yes, in a word. Continue reading to learn why and why you could profit from owning this economical, powerful welder.

It Comes With;

MIG Gun 10ft (with a Grapheme liner)

Additionally, a Teflon liner is provided for aluminium wire.

MMA electrode holder with cable – 10ft

Ground clamp with cable 10ft

1 additional contact tip.030′′ &.035′′

.030″/.035″ W-type driver of rollers

V-type roller driver.023″/.030″ (built-in.030″/.035″)

.035′′/.045″ U-type chauffeur en route

Connector dinse (35-50)


Instruction manual

Specifications techniques

Welder TypeMIG, Flux Core, Stick, TIG
Input Voltage220 V
Weldable MaterialsMild & stainless steel, Aluminum
Duty Cycle (@104°F)MIG: 60% @ 250A
TIG: 60% @ 220A
MMA: 60% @ 225A
AmperageMIG:  30 – 250A
TIG: 10 – 250A
MMA: 20 – 225A
Torch Lead Length10 ft. (3 m)
Ground Cable Length10 ft. (3 m)
Mild Steel Thickness  (Single-pass)24 ga. – 1/2 in. (up to 7/8 in. with multiple passes)
Aluminum ThicknessNot available
Wire Thickness023”/.030”/.035” solid/SS wire
.023”/.030”/.035” flux core (manual setting)
.035” flux core (synergistic setting)
.035”/.045” aluminum wire.
Wire Feed Speed (“WFS”)79 – 590 IPM (2 – 15 m/s)
Wire Feed Speed SettingsInfinite between min. And max.
Wire Spool Sizes4-in. and 8-in
Spool Gun Ready
Welder Dimensions  (H x W x L)14 in. x 8 in. x 17 in.
Weight34.25 lbs.
WarrantyOne year

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Configuration for C100 gas
  • Methods 2T and 4T
  • The “cold” wire feed button enables quick and safe wire replacements.
  • Adjust the inductance to aid in the management of splatter
  • Synergistic settings are offered, and a manual is also accessible if necessary.
  • Additional Teflon liner for use with aluminum wire for MIG welding.
  • MIG torch of reasonable quality, rated at 250A
  • Can be used for MIG, flux-core, stick, and lift TIG welding
  • With 250A of power, this welder can weld up to 12 in. steel in a single pass.
  • At 220V, 60% duty cycle.
  • It operates solely on 220V input power.
  • There is only one gas input.
  • Recommended settings are a little warm.
  • No spool gun will be accepted.
  • A TIG torch is available as an add-on purchase.
  • TIG DC only (not for aluminum)
  • The regulator is omitted.
  • At times, it is necessary to convert between imperial and metric units.
  • A fan that operates continuously
  • The power switch is located at the back (annoying to some)
  • The housing partially obstructs the process of changing wire rollers.

What You Should Know Before Making a Purchase

No Regulator

Low-cost welders must “shave corners” somewhere. Right? Indeed, Yeswelder opted to exclude a regulator, assuming you already own one.

However, this may be a problem if you require a regulator, as none is included with the MIG-250 Pro. Therefore, include it in your order if you require a replacement regulator.

Aluminum Welding

To MIG weld metal, you obtain a Teflon liner. That is fantastic, you say. Why would you include it on a list of things you should know?

Excellent question, and the answer is that aluminum can only be welded using the MIG procedure.

TIG welding is only available for DC welding, not for aluminum. Additionally, this machine is not compatible with a spool gun.

This leaves just the MIG procedure for aluminum welding.

Units Metric

As the pricing suggests, this welder is built offshore. However, this results in an unanticipated minor annoyance; some of the units for this welder are given in metric.

This is not a significant issue. However, if translating metrics to English units drives you insane, this may not be your preferred welder option. However, this is a minor problem that US consumers can resolve. Many individuals created their cheat sheets to assist them with this process.

Instruction Manual

Another concern that arises from this welder being manufactured offshore is that the handbook is adequate but not exceptional.

Sentences, paragraphs, and sometimes entire parts that are difficult to grasp occur during translation, and it may be rather unpleasant at times. However, after a few readings of the instructions, you can piece together what they are attempting to communicate.

Chart of Configuration

This welder does employ automatic settings, obviating the necessity for a settings chart. Right?

Wrong. Naturally, while utilizing manual mode, a settings chart is required. However, it would help if you had referenced the settings chart to determine the amps that must be entered even while in synergic mode.

Technically, this implies requiring a chart for each weld until you have memorized the most frequently used parameters.

As a result, Yeswelder now provides a chart in addition to the handbook. While it would be preferable to have the chart placed on the inside of the wire compartment door, you do receive one.

However, take caution. Almost every user has discovered that the chart’s settings are excessive. Therefore, you may wish to bear this in mind while dialing in your welds.

Users were more than satisfied with the results after some tweaking (more on how to do that later).

Consumables and Optional Items

When purchasing the MIG-250 Pro, take in mind that you’ll also need to purchase specific consumables. Except for a few suggestions, none are included with the device.

At the very least, you’ll need to purchase some wire and stick electrodes, depending on the type of welding you want to undertake.

The kit includes a stick electrode holder but not a TIG gun.

If you wish to TIG, you must acquire a separate torch. This enables you to raise TIG in DC mode only; AC mode is unavailable with this welder.

The Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro’s Outstanding Features


Welders that generate 250A of heat enable you to weld thicker material, such as 1/2 in., in a single pass. This is ideal for vehicle repair and maintenance firms that occasionally encounter thicker stock.

However, welders in this price range frequently reach their maximum capacity at around 200A and 3/8 in. material. Thus, as previously said, you get more brawn for your buck with the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro.

Additionally, you may go down to 30A for thin stock, and some users claim to have successfully welded 24 ga. Stock. While a unit such as the MIG-250 Pro is not the “ideal” solution for thin stock, it is possible, and it is good to have versatility in one welder.

Duty Cycle

When they came across this welder, at least one individual undoubtedly thought, “So, you get plenty of power.” However, this will require you to make sacrifices during your duty cycle.”

However, this is not the case with the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro. At 250A, the duty cycle is a decent 60%. This means you can spend more time welding and less waiting for the equipment to cool.

(For those unfamiliar, the duty cycle indicates how long a welder can operate before cooling down. It was graded as a percentage over ten minutes.

For instance, if a welder’s stated duty cycle is 60% @ 250A. It can operate for six minutes before requiring a four-minute cooling period at 250A. The duty cycle increases as amps decrease.)

Synergic Environments

Welders want to be able to weld, not manipulate, knobs and buttons on a control panel. As a result, many manufacturers now provide synergic settings (also known as “auto settings”) to simplify and expedite configuring your welder for a specific weld.

This function is included with the MIG-250 Pro. Once you’ve mastered its operation, setup your welder for a specific task is quick and straightforward. Additionally, it lets you customize the parameters like utilizing C100 gas and the wire size being utilized.

To utilize the auto settings, you must first choose the wire diameter, welding technique, and amps. The equipment automatically adjusts the voltage and wire feed speed (“WFS”).

Voltage and WFS Trim

Another good element of the synergic settings is their ability to be customized. To achieve the perfect arc, you can adjust the machine’s default settings. Adjust them up or down to achieve the ideal temperature for the individual weld you’re doing.

There is a slight learning curve initially, but after you understand how to alter your auto settings, you will be able to tune in the welder for every weld.

Additionally, customers have reported that the settings run a little hot. However, having the flexibility to modify the settings helps to reduce the heat if an auto setting becomes too high.

Adjustments for Inductance

Additionally, the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro features an adjustable inductance setting. If you’re unfamiliar with this capability, it enables you to control the magnetic fields surrounding your weld. You can adjust this value between -10 and +10 points above the preset level.

This is unexpected for such inexpensive equipment, but adjusting the magnetic fields around your weld will help eliminate spatter and provide clean, professional welds when appropriately adjusted. This capability is often reserved for higher-end we. However ever, the MIG-260 Pro has it.

Optional 2T and 4T

2T is the most often used operating mode. To weld, pull the trigger and release when finished.

However, the MIG-250 Pro provides another option: 4T.

The 4T option is likely to be of interest for individuals required to produce long welds since it eliminates the need to hold the trigger once the weld begins.

To begin, pull the trigger and then release.

When finished, pull and release the trigger once again to bring the action to a halt. It is far less taxing on your trigger finger.


Finally, if you’re looking for power and a high duty cycle, this welder may be the best value.

If you browse around, you can discover bargains and offers that can further reduce the list price. This includes the unique discount available if you purchase using the link in this article.

As a result, it’s unsurprising to see this welder on several “best of” lists. The feature-to-price ratio immediately captures a prospective customer’s attention, as it should.

For the price, you get a lot of power and working time, not to mention the ability to use a variety of welding procedures, making this an excellent value.

Comparing the MIG-250 Pro and the MIG-205DS

If you’re already contemplating a multi-process welder from Yeswelder, you’ve probably come across the more popular and affordable MIG-205DS.

At first sight, these two Yeswelder welders appear to be similar, and they are occasionally mistaken. However, there are distinctions. To be clear, the primary distinctions between the two are as follows:

 MIG-250 ProMIG-205DS
Input power supply220V110V / 220V
Power output250A200A
Teflon liner for MIG welding of aluminum
It Runs 0.045 in. aluminum wire.
The single-pass thickness on mild steel1/2 in.1/4 in.
Casing ColorBlackSky blue
Check Latest Offer

Check Latest Offer

The bottom line is that if you want additional power, wish to weld on aluminum, and are confident you will always have access to a 220v outlet; you will be significantly better off with the MIG-250 Pro machine for an additional $80.

We’ve written a comprehensive review if you’re interested in learning more about the MIG-205DS.

Users’ Experiences with the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro

Naturally, an economical multi-process welder laden with capabilities, such as the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro, generates plenty of comments about what a steal this is. It ought to.

At this price, features like synergic settings and inductance control are surprising. As a result, this is unsurprising.

However, the quantity of user comments praising the quality of the welds is even more astonishing.

New users are often astounded at how quickly they can learn to lay a nice bead. Additionally, experienced users are pleasantly delighted to discover they can produce clean, professional welds.

Another recurring remark concerned the Teflon lining.

Given that the MIG-250 Pro can only MIG weld metal, the presence of a liner to decrease friction with aluminum wire is very welcomed.

It significantly lowers bird nesting, making this welder a feasible alternative for aluminum.

There are several further comments that we could provide, but for the sake of brevity, we will add only one additional consistent comment.

This welder is quite capable. It welds up to 1/2 in a single pass, and its 60% duty cycle enables you to get the job done. You get a lot of power for a tiny investment.


If you only have access to 220V electricity and want power for thick stock, the Yeswelder MIG-250 Pro multi-process welder should be on your shortlist. It provides 250A, but it also has a duty cycle of 60% at maximum power. Synergic or manual controls can be used to manage all of that power.

Additionally, you may MIG weld metal and choose between 2T and 4T operation. Add the versatility provided by this welder’s ability to MIG, TIG, stick, and flux-core weld, and you have an intriguing welder. However, you have a choice in this price range that is difficult to overlook.

The MIG-250 Pro has a broad power output range, which is ideal for individuals who work with various stock thicknesses. Additionally, it’s simple to fine-tune your parameters for the particular weld you’re doing. This degree of control enables you to generate welds of exceptional quality that will astound even the most seasoned welders. The MIG-250 Pro’s power, versatility, and affordability make it an excellent choice for automotive shops, ranchers/farmers, maintenance shops, serious do-it-yourselfers, or anybody else who needs 250A of power.

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