How to find the best mig welding gun in the market: detailed and product reviews

The process of welding in which you use heated electrode wire to fill metal is known as Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding. But to fill the metal or to weld any metal you need a MIG welding gun.

What is MIG Welding Gun?

Basically, an MIG welding gun is a device that helps to fill the metals or weld the metals. MIG guns feed the shielding gas with the help of electrodes that let you weld metals or fills them.

As we all know that welders need some of the equipment’s and a Welding gun is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a MIG welder. It helps you to weld different metals with the help of it.

TO know how to adjust MIG welding Gas pressure click HERE.

Working of MIG Welding Gun:

There are different usage of MIG welding Gun, like every welding use it in a different way like some use it for spot welding, some welders use it for arc welding and the rest of them use it for electron beam welding.

How does a welding gun work? The working method of the MIG gun is very simple. Like, it works with the wire feed system that provides the MIG gun along with the electrode.

The welding machine or we can say that a supply power will directly be supplying power to the MIG welding gun. The handheld unit supplies current to the wire through the contact tip while simultaneously supplying shielding gas to protect both the weld pool and the arc.

Pros and Cons of MIG Welding Guns:

We all know that everything in this world has benefits and disadvantages both. So, the same is with MIG Guns, there are benefits of Welding guns and disadvantages both. Here are some of them:

  • It has a nice grip that everyone can hold perfectly.
  • It helps you to improve your welding skills.
  • Helps you to complete your work quickly.
  • It improves the quality of weld performance.
  • Helps you to increase the arc-on time.
  • Having tips and nozzles that you can easily clean and also let you change it.
  • Best for high-volume welding operators.
  • Can’t use unprofessional or beginners.
  • Can damage your clothes because of sparks.

Where do we need to use MIG Welding Guns?

  • You can use welding Guns for different purposes like arc welding, spot welding, flux core welding, and best for MIG welding.
  • Welding Guns can be used in industries that mostly rely on metal-related production like in Steel Mills, metal-based pieces of equipment, car manufacturing, gates manufacturing, and many others.
  • Most of the structural fabric companies also rely on welding guns as they need to joints the steel structure-based fabric.
  • We can also use MIG welding guns in challenging situations like we can use them on orbiting airplanes.

Types of Welding Guns:

There are different types of guns that you can use for welding but remember one thing that it all depends on the type of welding that you need to perform.

There are most commonly two types of welding guns Spot welding gun and Arc melding gun. Both of these guns have their own tools and tricks.

Spot welding gun:

Spot welding guns are mostly used for the fitting of assembly. When you need high electrode forces and when space is limited then you need to use a Spot welding gun. How to do spot welding?

It is one of the easiest ways of welding, you simply need to pull the trigger completely and then make an angle off 90 degrees and then tong it against the metal that you want to weld. When the welding process is done then simply slowly release the trigger from it.

Arc welding gun:

Basically, Arc welding is a process of melting and joining metals by using an electric arc. The power supply generates an electric arc using direct (DC) or alternating (AC) currents between the unused electrode and the base material.

What you need to check before buying a MIG welding Gun:

MIG welding gun is an essential tool for every welder. Everyone needs the best MIG welding gun that lets you complete your work with the best details.

But many people don’t know what they need in a MIG welding gun, so if you are looking for a MIG welding gun then here are some of the tips that you need to follow before buying:  

  • Comfortable:

MIG welding gun must be comfortable because every welder needs the best comfort level while welding. So, if the welding gun is not comfortable then you will work on it perfectly. The gun should be flexible that let you weld every corner of metal. If the welding gun is lightweight then it will be more comfortable to carry.

  • Durable:

When it comes to durability then everyone wants the best and reliable and durable products. In the same case, every welder’s dream is to buy the best durable MIG welding gun that lets you use it in a long-term way.

So, whenever you want to buy the MIG welding gun then ask for the reliability and durability of the gun so that you can use it without any tension.

  • Quality with cheap prices:

Everyone in the world wants to buy the best quality products at cheap prices. So, if you want to buy a MIG welding gun then you need to find the best quality gun according to your range. But if you got the best one that is a little bit expensive then go for it as you can use it in a long-term way. 

  • Maintenance-friendly:

When you are buying a MIG welding gun then you also need to check whether it is maintenance-friendly or not. If it is maintenance-friendly then you can use it in a very efficient way and when you find any fault in it, you can repair it for the better performance but if it is not maintenance friendly then you can’t use it for a long time and the repairing can be tricky and expensive.

  • Power capacity:

Power capacity also matters a lot in MIG welding guns as it is an electrically powered device and having its own power capacity that varies from the variety of guns. You need to buy the gun that provides you with the required power capacity as if you bought the high power capacity gun that won’t allow you to complete your work at the required efficiency. So, you need to check the power capacity or amps of the gun before buying it.

  • Control:

Control is another best thing that helps you to complete your welding in the perfect manner. If your MIG welding gun has good control then you can easily complete your work with good control but if it has bad controls then you will face very difficulties while welding any metal. So, remember you need to buy the MIG welding gun that has good controls as it also plays the most important role in your safety.

  • Wire length:

Before buying any MIG welding gun, you need to check the wire of the gun that whether it is enough that let you complete your task easily and provide you the best comfortability. If you have a short wire then to reach the required point you need to change the whole setup but if the wire is long then you can simply move towards it without even changing your position and setup.


A MIG welding gun is an absolutely necessary tool that is required for the MIG welding operation. It is itself has certain properties such as supported power rating, capability, duty cycle, etc. that must be studied before investing in a certain option. To help you with that, we have created this list of the best MIG welding guns available for you right now.

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