3 Best ESAB MIG Welders: Top Pick Reviews and Buying Guide

The fact that a piece of decent multi-purpose welding equipment is available to the best esab MIG welders is well known. It makes the job simpler and less tiresome. Regardless of whether the operator is an experienced expert, a newcomer, or a D.I.Y. enthusiast, the same is true. However, this is something that everyone, even the end-user, understands.

The manufacturers understand this as well, and as a result, many have promoted themselves as supplying welders with answers, while in reality, these solutions fall far short of expectations!

The Esab MIG welders, on the other hand, is a different story. The Esab Rebel series offers you just what you’ve been looking for when it comes to versatility. Now, let’s take a look at our Esab Rebel Review so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Best ESAB MIG Welders Picks For You

Bottom Line
Esab Rebel E.M.P. 215ic
Esab Rebel E.M.P. 215ic
Our Top Pick
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Bottom Line
As you can see, the Esab Rebel welder may be an excellent alternative for those who want to use a piece of welding equipment at home or abroad. Even though you will encounter certain difficulties when using it, if you are cautious, you will swiftly overcome them. It is one of the reasons why you should get this welding machine.
That big M.I.G. gun cable.
Includes contact and drive rolls.
With a long cord, it holds electrodes
It comes with a clamp with leads.
Esab Rebel 235

More Versatile Welder
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Although the Turbo Torch Rebel EM 235ic requires a small amount of storage space, this is not a significant issue when considering the overall package. Because a welding machine necessitates the preservation of floor space, otherwise, you may witness how great this equipment can be when it comes to assisting you.
Can do many welding tasks.
Easy to use
Requires more storage space
ESAB Rebel Series

Best For Thicker Metals
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Bottom Line
Wearing a pair of protective gloves can keep you from being burned by this welder, which may get very hot very rapidly. It is essential to remember that it gets the job done right since it has so many wonderful features.
It has a good display.
Easy to use.
Carryable for light
May face some heating issues.

Best ESAB MIG Welder | Our Best Picks and Review


Esab Rebel E.M.P. 215ic

Our Top Pick

On the market, you will discover a large number of high-quality welding machines. They may give you a variety of benefits. However, with this model, you will obtain all of the important characteristics you want in a welder. The characteristics and features are shown below will provide you with further information about this welder.

Unique Features

Voltage Flexibility:

With these all-purpose Esab MIG welders, you can work with a wide range of voltage levels. It begins with 140 volts and finishes with 230 volts. As a result, you may utilize it more freely with the aid of a wide voltage range, regardless of how high or low, the voltage is.

Welding on a variety of metals:

You can use this for mild welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals that need to be joined together. You may weld the most convenient metal for you, and you can weld the metal closest to your reach with these Esab MIG welders as a result.

Performance in a multi-process environment:

This one may be used for M.I.G. welding, lift T.I.G. welding, flux-cored welding, and other applications. So if you’re looking for a piece of welding equipment that can handle a variety of jobs, this is the machine you should consider purchasing.

Intelligent Adaptation:

It’s incredible how well this model remembers your welding technique. So, if you’re using it to complete a repeated activity, you have to complete it once, and the machine will take care of the rest.

Cutting-edge display:

The monitor on the welding equipment has a high-quality pixel resolution and is easy to read. Additionally, it has a bigger display. As a result, you may get a good view of the T.F.T. screen with the assistance of such a display.

  • That big M.I.G. gun cable.
  • Includes contact and drive rolls.
  • With a long cord, it holds electrodes.
  • There are four standard electrodes.
  • It includes a torch and tools.
  • It comes with a clamp with leads.
  • Regrettably, overvoltage ruins electricity
  • Assembling the components is difficult.

Final Verdict:

As you can see, the Esab Rebel welder may be an excellent alternative for those who want to use a piece of welding equipment at home or abroad. Even though you will encounter certain difficulties when using it, if you are cautious, you will swiftly overcome them. It is one of the reasons why you should get this welding machine.


Esab Rebel 235 Review

More Versatile Welder

If you are searching for a welding machine that can do various welding tasks, the Turbo Torch Rebel EM 235ic can greatly assist you. Because it has this great function, as well as a few other advantages, let’s find out more about them right now.

Unique Features

Welding on several different surfaces:

With the aid of the E.M. 235ic model, you can perform a variety of welding operations such as M.I.G. and Flux-cored welding. As a result, if you require either of these welding’s, this welding equipment can readily accommodate your needs.

Unrivaled Portability:

The weight of this variant is quite low. In this way, you may transport it without encountering any issues.

The following items are detachable from the cart:

You have the option of removing this welding machine from its basket. Carrying it will be less difficult for you as a result of this.

Increased Strength:

This welding equipment has the capability of increasing the power of your welding. As a result, you may weld to a depth of up to 0.9 mm with practically any electrode you choose.

  • Easy to move with the cart.
  • It supports an electrode holder.
  • Provided many items in one box.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can do many welding tasks.
  • Easy to use
  • Requires more storage space

Final Verdict:

Although the Turbo Torch Rebel EM 235ic requires a small amount of storage space, this is not a significant issue when considering the overall package. Because a welding machine necessitates the preservation of floor space, otherwise, you may witness how great this equipment can be when it comes to assisting you.


ESAB Rebel Series

Best For Thicker Metals

Is it important for you to have a piece of welding equipment that can readily weld thicker electrodes? If this is the case, then the esab M.I.G. Welders, ESAB Rebel Series is what you’ve been looking for. You can take advantage of it to obtain some additional unique characteristics. Let’s find out more about them right now.

Unique Features

Extensive Voltage Range:

Amazingly, the voltage range of the ESAB MIG Welders is quite wide. You may start with 120 V and work your way up to 240 V if necessary.

This function may be quite beneficial since, whether you need to use it at home or work, you can use one product to complete your duties regardless of whether the voltage range is different.

The material is in a variety of forms:

It is possible to weld with a wide variety of materials while using the esab MIG Welders from the ESAB Rebel Series. Welding with this equipment is possible on various materials, including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Capability for greater thickness:

A piece of welding equipment cannot weld a half-inch piece of metal. However, the ESAB Rebel Series M.I.G. Welder comes in handy in this situation because this equipment allows you to weld mild steel up to a thickness of half an inch with minimal effort.

  • Can weld many materials.
  • Wide voltage range available.
  • It has a good display.
  • Easy to use.
  • Carryable for light.
  • May face some heating issues.

Final Verdict:

Wearing a pair of protective gloves can keep you from being burned by this welder, which may get very hot very rapidly. It is essential to remember that it gets the job done right since it has so many wonderful features.

What Makes the Esab Rebel E.M.P. 215ic the best ESAB MIG Welders?

This model is one-of-a-kind in the welding machine industry due to several distinguishing characteristics. For example, you may choose from a wide range of voltage capacity options. According to the assessment above, the voltage range is between 120 and 230 volts (V).

Furthermore, while you are using this special welding equipment, it is smooth and steady. Furthermore, if you employ a specific welding technique and this machine remembers it, you will not have to worry about it again.

Then, the next time you use it for the same welding task, it will remember your pattern and create it for you automatically. Isn’t it amazing?

Not only that, but with this welding equipment, you can also obtain a high-resolution pixel monitor as an alternative. So that you can keep track of what you’re doing and what you need to do next, you should write everything down.

Overall, these are why the E.M.P. 215ic is different from any other welding equipment on the market.

Concerning Esab

Oscar Kjellberg, the company’s founder, was responsible for inventing the world’s first coated electrode in 1904. Following the successful introduction of his wonderful innovation, he established his own business, Esab. Since then, this firm has made significant contributions to the advancement of welding technology.

After the first successful year, “Esab” has continued to work hard and evolve with each passing year. The Esab Rebel EM 235ic, a M.I.G. welder, is yet another wonderful innovation produced by the “Esab” business, providing the greatest welding equipment in the industry for quite some time.

There is no other welding machine that can provide you with such excellent specifications as the E.M.P. 215ic, founded by the father of welding himself.

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

There are a few things that you should consider before purchasing this excellent welding machine. These are the ones:

Voltage Range: 0 to 50 volts

It would be best if you determined whether or not the voltage range is appropriate for your application. If your electrical system does not have a voltage greater than 120 V or less than 230 V, you should avoid using this welding equipment since it poses a risk.

System of Adaptation:

The adaptation system of this welding equipment is the next item you should take into consideration. Because of this, the operator’s approach may be automatically adjusted as needed. When making an error during welding, it is important to remember that the next time you operate the machine, you must be extra careful not to make the same mistake again.

Display in the proper manner:

Another crucial aspect of welding is being able to view the monitor screen. Because you will not be able to obtain an accurate result until you do so, you should be aware that the Esab Rebel welder has a high-quality pixel display, and you should inspect the display thoroughly before purchasing it.


To produce high-quality welding, you must maintain a consistent welding frequency. The frequency provided by the welder ranges from 50 to 60 Hz. So, when you get one, be sure to verify the frequency.

The weight and the amount of storage space:

Finally, you may find that the weight and storage space is a concern for you in some instances. The machine is a little more substantial, and it may also take up a surprising amount of room. So keep these aspects in mind even before deciding on this equipment.

The advantages of using an Esab MIG welders

By utilizing machines, you may reap a variety of benefits. As an illustration:

You may get all of the welding equipment in a single package. As a result, the equipment will be in proper working condition.

Additionally, you will receive an electrode holder, which may not be included with other types of welding equipment. This way, you may keep the electrode near to you in case you need to halt the welding process for a moment.

The display and intelligent adaptability will assist you in welding more precisely and quickly.

Furthermore, you may use the welder for a lengthy amount of time without it being too hot.

What is the best way to utilize Esab MIG welders?

When it comes to operating the welding equipment, they are no different than any other welding machine. To begin utilizing this welding machine, you must first assure your safety.

It is necessary to use safety goggles and gloves in this situation. So the first step is to connect the welding equipment to the power source. Because a voltage range has been established for the suggested models, only this range should be used, not more or less.

After connecting in, you may adjust the amperage to your preference. Then, with caution, attach the electrode to the handle, being sure to maintain it straight since it will melt the metal component you are welding on if it is not.

After that, make sure that the electrode is parallel to the part and as close as possible to the part. Keep the electrode as close to the component as possible without allowing it to come into contact with it.

In the end, click the button on the handle to begin the welding process.

Problems with the Esab Rebellion

Some specific things should be avoided when utilizing the machines, and these are listed below:

  • First and foremost, avoid making direct contact with the electrode and your hands or fingers. Because the equipment and the component you are welding are extremely hot, direct contact with them may result in hand burns.
  • Furthermore, an overvoltage will cause harm to the equipment. Avoid using the gadget if the voltage is constantly increasing and falling since this will cause it to malfunction.
  • Another thing to avoid while using this equipment is doing so in a confined location. Because doing so may result in a fire, which is something you do not want to happen.

Safety and Security Recommendations

When working with welders, it is important to be mindful of certain safety and security concerns. First and foremost, a great degree of brilliant light will be created by this machine when it is welding.

If this light comes into direct contact with your eyes, you may get a strong headache as a result. Other eye issues, such as myopia, may result as a result of this.

As a result, always wear safety eyewear when operating this machine. Also, because the electrode and the components get extremely hot during the welding process, it is essential to wear protective gloves.

ESAB MIG Welding Machines: A Brief Overview

Oscar Kjellberg started Esab Welding in 1904, and the company has been in operation ever since. During that same year, he invented the covered welding electrode, which was the first of its kind in the world.

His vision put in action a firm that has never looked back in its pursuit of offering cutting-edge welding solutions to the welding industry.

Esab has solidified its position as a global leader in the delivery of welding solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology due to its unwavering commitment to searching out new and better methods to serve its clients. 

When Colfax Corporation purchased it in 2012, it was able to strengthen its operations further. Both of these behemoths are focused on their customers and are committed to continual innovation and development.

Performance on a variety of tasks

The Esab Rebel Welding machines offer multi-process performance for T.I.G., Stick, and Flux code welding, as well as M.I.G. welding, making it realistically viable for welders to possess only one welding equipment in their shop. Their multifunctional functionality gives the operator the freedom to work with a variety of various types of material.

Aluminum, stainless steel, chrome-molybdenum, as well as steel of variable thicknesses, as well as wire of various diameters, may be welded with relative ease using these devices.

Because of the many voltages that these machines can handle, they are popular among experts and household users like yourself (120V for home users and a minimum of 230V for professional users unless they are doing light work).

Always in the context of multi-process machines, it should be noted that, historically, multi-process machines have not been the best appropriate for T.I.G. welding. If you intend to do just T.I.G. welding, it is preferable to get a T.I.G. welding machine designed specifically for this purpose.

However, keep in mind that the new generation of multi-process welders is more efficient and produces significantly higher quality results. ESAB welding equipment is among the best available, even though it is more expensive than the norm.

What Is the sMIG Feature and How Does It Work?

The sMIG technology, an acronym for Smart M.I.G., is included with the Esab Rebel welders. Every welder is well aware of how difficult it is to obtain a perfectly straight and fixed arc. It takes hours and hours of effort to reach this level of accuracy, and even after, the dread of failure hovers large over the heads of those who have been at it for years.

What sMIG technology accomplishes is that it continually learns and adapts to your welding processes, allowing them to take on the parameters you choose. It keeps an eye out for anything that might have a long-term influence on the welding process and adjusts by altering the characteristics of the arc. In this manner, you can have a steady and smooth arc.

The T.F.T. (Thin Film Transistor) Display

Because of thin-film transistor (T.F.T.) technology, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) may improve the clarity of pictures by making them more addressable and simpler to contrast. You can find T.F.T. LCDs in various electronic devices, including smartphones, television sets, and computer monitors.

The Esab Rebel welding machines, on the other hand, employ basic and sophisticated modes of operation to make it simple for both beginners and experts to operate.

That’s because individuals who run these machines connect with them through a control button that combines the essential traditional changes of parameters with the capability of TFT LCD technology to provide a seamless experience. There is no other welding equipment on the market that can provide this sort of solution.

Is There Anything Positive to Say About ESAB Rebel Welders on the Internet?

All of the internet reviews for the ESAB Rebel welder machines are very positive, with the majority of them complimenting the technology included within them.

If you look around, you’ll notice a lot of good feedback on the MIG technology, which many people believe has been quite beneficial in their professional lives. Many reviews express concern about the higher turnaround time and production levels that have been attributed to this technology.

The portability aspect is also frequently mentioned, which is understandable because many of these reviewers must transport their welding machines from one location to another.

Another element that many of them mentioned was the simplicity with which you can use.


Is it possible to weld aluminum with the ESAB rebel?

When you utilize the Tweco spool gun, you can most surely fuse metal.

Does Rebel use lift Arc for T.I.G. welding?

Yes, it is correct. Once you’ve opened the gas valve and made contact with the tungsten, push the foot pedal, and you’ll be ready to go.

What machine would you recommend for a beginning T.I.G. welder?

Yes, a T.I.G. welder is suitable for even the most inexperienced welder, mostly because of the sMIG technology. Esab Rebel 285 is not available for purchase since it is meant for industrial usage, but you can select one of the first three versions discussed on this page.

What is the purpose of the sMIG function?

It is a feature that, in essence, adjusts to your welding style to provide you with a steady and constant arc and improved output.

Is it possible to lengthen the ground and lead cables?

The machine will need to be brought closer to the workpiece, but this will be made easier by lightweight these units.


The Esab MIG welders review is the subject of this article. Esab is already a well-known name in the welding industry, and today we’ll take a look at two of the company’s most well-known welders. Several characteristics distinguish these welders.

The most creative M.I.G. welding function we discovered was the most popular among our testers. There are no disadvantages to using the product, except you are unable to utilize it. You may also check out Amazon and read customer reviews to ensure your complete happiness.

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